An intern is interviewed about disaster management protocol on one of our International Development internships abroad.

International Development Internships Abroad

Learn about practical solutions to the challenges faced by disadvantaged communities

Do an International Development internship with Projects Abroad and gain skills that you will use for the rest of your career, regardless of what field you move into. As you get hands-on experience in the development field you’ll learn about infrastructure and disaster management as well as aid and development in disadvantaged communities. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the world and the complex processes that are involved in supporting people and places to grow and prosper.

We currently have a number of International Development Projects, working to transform communities that need help. Your work could include creating campaigns, educating local communities, and facilitating existing projects.

You’ll work with local experts and Projects Abroad staff to better understand global development challenges and the work needed to overcome them.

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International Development interns pose outside with staff from a women's empowerment organisation in Mexico.
International Development Internship in Mexico
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  • Price: $3,780 USD for 4 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: $420 USD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 4 weeks
  • Ages: 18 or over
International Development interns work with businesswomen to support a local community during an internship project in South Africa.
International Development Internship in South Africa
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  • Price: $2,770 USD for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: $470 USD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 1 week
  • Ages: 16 or over

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Is an International Development internship abroad right for me?

Our International Development internships are right for anyone who has an interest in this area of work, or simply wants to bring help to communities that really need it.

These placements could see you work in areas such as education, employment, healthcare, HIV/Aids, human rights, crime, and substance abuse. If you’re pursuing a qualification or career route in this area, having experience in the field is important to help you progress. An internship will let you get this experience in a supported, educational way that really immerses you in your surroundings.

If you’re interested in international development, but would like to do something more physical, you may be interested in our Building Projects. Alternatively, read our full list of options for internships abroad.

Interns prepare food for an event on one of our International Development internships abroad.

What will I gain from an International Development Project?

Getting International Development work experience gives you skills that prepare you for your next stage of education and career. You’ll also get a unique experience that you can talk about at interviews.

Here are just some of the benefits that our previous interns talk about:

  • Soft skills like teamwork, communication, leadership, resilience, organising, planning, and time management.
  • Practical work experience for your CV to help you break into a competitive sector.
  • The ability to work and empathise with people of different cultures and backgrounds, helping to develop a ‘global mindset’.
  • Confidence from pushing past your comfort zone.

All of the above will enhance your CV, UCAS applications, and your personal development.

How are Projects Abroad’s International Development internships different?

At Projects Abroad, our first aim is to benefit the communities we work in. You can be assured that your internship is ethical and well supported. Here’s just a few elements of our work that set it apart from other internship programmes:

Be fully supported by staff

On these projects, you’ll work alongside development professionals. You will be given tasks that stretch and challenge you, but you will be supported to ensure you get real results. This is an incredible opportunity to learn through doing, whilst being mentored by experts.

Projects that have an impact

All our projects are well researched, targeted and sustainable. We aim to make a difference to the local community for the long term.

A tailored approach

We are often able to tailor your internship to your interests. If there is a particular sector or industry you’d like to work in, let our team know.

Projects Abroad interns gain International Development work experience assisting local business women.

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